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The Thalassery Heritage Project : Reviving Heritage through Sustainable practices

In the heart of Thalassery, a town rich in heritage and history, Takshathi Design Studio embarked on a transformative journey leading the "Thalassery Heritage Project". Collaborating with NSS volunteers for 'Project Sneharamam' ( govt of Kerala) and the creative minds at Cindrebay School of Design, the team set out to restore neglected spaces & instill a sense of eco-consciousness among the public and student community. Also providing the students with guidance, encouraging creativity and innovative thinking to address environmental concerns while preserving the essence of Thalassery's history. Workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions were organized to guide the NSS volunteers aimed to educate and inspire individuals to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives.

Discarded drums, polyester sarees, cycle tyres, and vegetable baskets became the raw materials for this groundbreaking initiative. These otherwise overlooked items were repurposed to bring vibrancy and

character to the dead zones that were once filled with waste. The culmination of efforts resulted in the creation of a vintage-themed park that pays homage to Thalassery's rich cultural heritage. As discarded materials found new life, the park became a testament to the possibilities of sustainable design and community engagement. Old drums became playful seating arrangements, polyester sarees adorned garden spaces, cycle tyres transformed into unique sculptures, and vegetable baskets became artistic installations.

We successfully transformed dead zones into a thriving eco-conscious park. This initiative not only breathed new life into the heritage site but also inspired a sense of responsibility towards the environment among the local community and beyond.

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