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Takshathi Design Studio is a studio based, integrated architectural and interior design firm with an intentionally diverse portfolio from site to landscape, design consultation, planning, building systems, interior spaces ,furnishings and renovations. We believe that the best design comes from deep within the hearts and minds of our clients. we are a vibrant and energetic team with an ample amount of experience who are strongly committed to giving the highest quality of architectural design that reacts to the aspirations of our clients and adapt to the environment. 

Our Team



Ar. Maya Mohan

As a sports & dance enthusiast, Maya brings discipline and creativity to the design process . Her time in Spain helped her in exploring design through a new culture . Her leadership quality keeps the team completely focused throughout. She has experience working with leading architecture firms such as U. Mohammed and Associates, Kannur, and also Amar Architects ,Chennai. She also has proficiency in Interior Designing for high end clients and the royal families in the Middle East. Her adventurous nature adds curiosity to discover and use new techniques and technologies that shapes her philosophy of design.

Her exposure in life with respect to education, career and personal life, gives a completely unique perspective to  her design approach

B.Arch (Manipal University), M.Arch Diploma (IaaC, Barcelona)



Ar. Anagha Vinodan

Anagha is an interdisciplinary designer exploring the intersection of Spatial design, photography and fashion. Her vibrant enthusiasm and ease of connecting with people  is the basis of her professional insight. She coordinated multiple events as the elected  Arts club secretary in CAT students Union, her management skills are an asset to the team. A person who fall in love with culture& tradition with a fascination for sustainable design and solutions. She has worked with K.Thomas and Associates, Mumbai. Mumbai pulled her towards the fashion markets and exposed her with fabrics. Experience with renovation of traditional Kerala houses, with more focus on interior fabrics & textiles and landscaping. 

"I believe architecture and design are people`s connection with their everyday life."

B.Arch (College of Architecture Trivandrum)

Meet our Crew

Our crew comprises mainly of Architects & Interior Designers. We have an extended support system which is made of our vendors, contractors, artisans, and many others. You give us your requirements and rest assured, we will have the person for it. Or atleast know a person who knows the person!

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