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MICROCOSM OF THALASSERY - Kadalpalam In a Nutshell

Our proposal aims to transform this historical site along the Arabian Sea into an active Micro-environment that portrays the essence of Thalassery's rich heritage. Let's explore the exciting zones that will turn Kadalpalam into an important cultural hub.

🍲 Food Zone - Flavors of Thalassery:

Indulge in a culinary journey at the Food Street, offering a diverse range of cuisines from traditional Malabar dishes to modern creations by Kudumbashree etc

🎭 Cultural & Education Zone - Mini Amphitheatre:

The Mini Amphitheatre will echo with the cultural heartbeat of Thalassery. Art performances, music, dance , seminars and workshops will bring the town's cultural richness to life. Street performances and live art installations will breathe life into this art hub

🏛 Architecture Zone - Heritage Street: Walk through time in the Architecture Zone, exploring the historical buildings that tell the tales of Thalassery's past.

🎨 Art Zone - Picture Street: Immerse yourself in the vibrant creativity of Thalassery through the Picture Street. Local artists will showcase their talents, painting the town's stories on canvases. .

🌃 Flea Market Zone - Night Bazaar (Seasonal & Optional):

Engage in the lively atmosphere of the Night Bazaar, a seasonal flea market offering unique and locally crafted goods.

🌱 Sustainability Focus - Waste Disposal

we prioritize waste disposal measures to ensure the event leaves minimal environmental impact.

🔄 Parallel Activities: The beauty lies in the simultaneity of activities across different zones. Dive into art, savor local flavors, immerse in cultural performances, explore heritage buildings, shop at the night market – all happening parallelly, ensuring an immersive experience for every visitor

The Microcosm proposal was introduced in the Kerala Budget 2024 and the government granted Rupees 2 crore for the concept of Food Street, which was a huge recognition for the efforts put in by the whole team. We intend to develop the proposal further, in order to make sure the entire vision is achieved.

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