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La Casa de Arcos_edited.jpg

La Casa de Arcos or The House of Arches is an attemnpt to combine the elements and beauty of Spanish Architecture to the regions of Kerala.


About Us

Takshathi Design Studio was founded in Kannur, Kerala and is nurtured by Architects and Designers who are knowledgeable and experienced in various fields of design such as Architectural, Interior, Product and so on.  Our skills, clubbed with the latest software and technological know-how, helps curate site and user specific designs, following the design requirements and constraints involved.

Our Services

Architectural Design

Design of a variety of Architectural Projects, including Residences, Commercial Spaces, Resorts , etc.

Interior Design

Interior Design and finishes of individual spaces or the project as a whole. 

Product Design

Design of Indoor as well as outdoor Products such as furniture, wall elements, gates and so on, that are apt for the space and the user as well.


Renovation of exisiting buildings with utmost care to details pertaining to the site as well as the needs of the clients.

Featured Projects



Elegant and cosy interior finishes for a minimalist yet premium residence interiors.



An office setting with minimal design & furnishings.



Transforming an empty terrace space, giving it a slightly Bohemian touch.

Int 01_edited.jpg


A 3BHK Villa designed for a family of 4 with a Spanish cottage theme brought to tropical region.

Punnad Exterior.jpg


A design with a slightly artistic touch to an other-wise traditional interior design

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